Variable Operations

These careers are often the face of our organization.  Our Variable Ops Team is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations with a first-class customer service experience.  It includes guest services, business development, sales and financial services.  All equally require an eagerness to deliver customer satisfaction throughout the sales and ownership experience. Typical careers in this area include:

  • Sales or E-Sales Consultant
  • Guest Services Representative
  • Financial Services Manager
  • Sales Manager


Fixed Operations

Every successful automotive dealership requires a solid foundation, and Fix Operations is ours. It includes our service department team, parts department and collision center. In each case, a highly-trained and often factory-certified staff work ceaselessly to provide our clients timely, high-quality automobile service and maintenance. They do it right, and do it right on time. Some careers in this area include:

  • Service Advisor
  • Automotive Technician
  • Collision/Bodywork Tech
  • Parts Advisor


Dealership Accounting

Our accounting team are a critical asset to our organization’s success. Dedicated to keeping our finances and bookkeeping accurate, they diligently process customer financial transactions, work directly with Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles and handle all our vendor and outside contracts. They ensure the finances and financial data for every dealership, department and the organization is healthy and accurate.

  • Office Manager
  • Controller
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Title Clerk
  • Cashier


Dealership Support

Our Dealership Support Team designs and maintains the infrastructure for our staff, departments and technology. This diverse field not only covers the welfare and security of our employees but our organization’s networks, data and other resources. From security officers protecting our employees to IT professionals protecting our data and networks, Dealership Support includes a broad range of careers.

  • Security Officer
  • Administrative Support
  • Financial Analysis
  • Information Technology



South Motors and Vista Motors is all about providing every employee the tools and training that will allow them to grow into the position of leadership and influence that best suits their skills and talents. Our emphasis on promoting our leadership from within helps the organization as a whole by creating a strong sense of loyalty and momentum, as well as infuse our leadership team with a strong understanding and firsthand familiarity of the roles, people and processes they will oversee.

  • General Sales Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Fixed Ops Director
  • Accounting Manager


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