You supply the enthusiasm, we’ll provide the rest.

Our late company founder Charles Dascal believed the best gift you could give someone was opportunity. Not only was he a stout believer in promoting from within, he also recognized the success of our organization depends on providing our team members the best training, experience and knowledge we can to ensure they succeed and grow in their role.

Better, more successful employees lead to a better, more successful company. That is why we strive to offer every team member a planned development path that will seed success and shape the future of their career.

In pursuit of that goal, we have designed South/Vista University – a structured training and development program to ensure our team members have the necessary experience.

About South/Vista University

It is a structured development program consisting of lessons, classes and on-the-job experiences that apply directly to the South/Vista University applicant’s career.
Existing employees are nominated for attendance at South/Vista University. The nomination is submitted by their manager or supervisor, which is in turn reviewed by the South/Vista University Committee. Approved applicants and their supervisors will be notified of their acceptance.
Freshly-hired applicants meeting the South/Vista University curriculum requirements will be nominated to enter South/Vista University’s Executive Apprenticeship Program. They are reviewed by the South/Vista University Committee.
Our company isn’t simply about doing things right. It is about doing the right things.

Charles Dascal strongly believed good ideas and innovation need strong minds to create and nurture them. Only through study, understanding and collaboration can inspiration spring into motion.

South/Vista University intends to do exactly that – inspire and empower our team members to perform at their best so the organization as a whole will prosper. Our organization thrives only when our people do.

* Automobile industry slide metrics pertain to 2013 Florida sales. Sources: Department of Revenue statistics from AutoCount Marketing Report and NADA DATA, .